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About us

Assured Network Solutions

The ANSwer to your problems

Do you find that you have more network tasks than time to do them?
Do tasks get carried out expeditiously rather than efficiently?

If so then Assured Network Solutions can help make your operation more efficient with the supply of IT solutions that will:

  • Offload some of the more tedious and repetitious tasks
  • Allow you to tackle more productive tasks sooner
  • Better address the challenges in your environment
  • Make the management and operation of your network and applications environment easier

Assured Network Solutions

specialises in the provision of cost effective solutions to address both residual and emerging difficult problems.
We can provide solutions to

highly cost Effective

Provide highly cost-effective web application stress testing solutions

risk and uncertainty

remove risk and uncertainty whilst enhancing the impact testing process for new technology and applications over existing WAN resources

internet operations

address the emerging management issues arising from web based internet operations

If these or any other network issues are “bugging” you then
call us on 61 2 8014 4224 for “the right ANSwer to your problems”.