Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Assured Network Solutions is a specialised Information Technology solutions supplier and consultancy dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction by means of the supply and support of cost effective solutions using innovative technologies in the pursuit of comprehensive answers to emerging problems.

Assured Network Solutions offers the benefit of extensive hands-on experience that has been gained over four decades of active involvement with Information Technology systems providers and users, satisfying user needs and vendor demands with market oriented and realistic answers to major issues of the day. Areas of our understanding of users needs range from systems utilisation to network requirements and addressing audit, analysis, justification, planning and operation.

Today ANS is helping to solve user issues arising out of the proliferation of applications for and reliance on the World Web Wide. Many solutions are emerging to user problems only beginning to be faced in Australia. Some solutions clearly stand out for their resilience, scalability, supportability and adherence to sound practices learnt over time. These attributes but are often less well provisioned in the offerings of some of the newer and more vocal vendors. It is ANS’ mission to seek out these more desirable solutions and make them available to the Australian IT user population.

ANS consults, sources and supports those products that we believe will assist users to achieve their business objects and will allow those business to grow without constraint, financial stress or other counter productive issues.

Thank you… we trust we may be able to assist you to a more stable and productive environment.

If these or any other network issues are “bugging” you then
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